Procedure To Get Admission
  • Eligibility Criteria & Procedure For Admission.
  • The candidate must have passes class 12th in PCB or PCM from any recognised Board.
  • Admission process can be done via online or offline mode.
Document’s Required For Admission

Introduction to D. Pharmacy

D. Pharmacy, short for Diploma in Pharmacy, is a 2-year diploma course that introduces students to the basics of pharmacy.It covers fundamental elements of pharmacy, drug manufacturing processes, and organizational methods.

Curriculum Overview

The D. Pharmacy course covers subjects like anatomy, physiology, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology, and pharmacy practice.
Additionally, students receive practical training to understand the importance of drug manufacturing and testing.

Career Opportunities

D. Pharmacy opens up various job opportunities worldwide.
After completing D Pharmacy, students can work in medical stores, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and government health departments.

Further Studies

D. Pharmacy prepares ambitious students for further studies.
Some students opt for B Pharmacy after completing D Pharmacy, which provides them with more extensive knowledge and opportunities.

Licensing and Regulations

D. Pharmacy is governed by laws and regulations. In many countries, obtaining a license and registration is necessary after completing D Pharmacy to work as a pharmacist or manage a pharmacy store.

Scope in Research and Development

D. Pharmacy graduates can contribute to drug development, training, and research fields, providing innovative solutions and advancements in the pharmaceutical industry.

Community Service

D. Pharmacy programs and camps, such as health awareness programs, vaccination drives, and medical camps, contribute to community welfare and healthcare outreach.

First Year
Second year
Pattern For Board Examinations
Pattern For Board Examinations
  • 1 year D. Pharma total subjects – 5 subjects
  • 2 year D. Pharma total subjects – 6 subjects
  • Each Subject Carry 100 Marks.
  • Total marks 100/40 – passing
    • 80 (Theory)
    • 20 (Internal) (College Hand)
Paper Pattern For 80 Marks.
  • 20 marks for objective (Fill in the blanks / One sentence Q&A/Match the correct Answer)
  • 30 marks for long Answers (7 out of 6 question) – Each question carry 5 M.
  • 30 marks for short Answers (11 out of 10 question) – Each question carry 3 M.
Scope Of Pharmacy
Scope Of Pharmacy
Special features
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