Procedure To Get Admission
  • Eligibility Criteria & Procedure For Admission.
  • The candidates must hold a B. Pharmacy degree from an institute approved by the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI).
  • The admission process can be done via online or offline mode.
Document’s Required For Admission

Introduction to M. Pharmacy

M. Pharmacy, also known as Master of Pharmacy, is a postgraduate degree program that offers advanced knowledge and expertise in various specialized areas of pharmacy. It equips students with advanced skills required for research, clinical practice, and pharmaceutical industry roles.

Curriculum Overview

The M. Pharmacy curriculum is tailored to specific areas of specialization such as pharmacology, pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical analysis, clinical pharmacy, and medicinal chemistry.
Students delve deeper into their chosen field through coursework, research projects, and practical training.

Career Opportunities

M. Pharmacy graduates have diverse career opportunities in research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, academia, regulatory agencies, and healthcare organizations.
They can pursue roles as research scientists, clinical pharmacists, pharmaceutical analysts, regulatory affairs specialists, and academic faculty members.

Further Studies

M. Pharmacy provides a strong foundation for further studies and specialization.
Graduates can pursue doctoral studies (PhD) in pharmacy or related fields to advance their research skills and academic credentials.

Research Focus

M. Pharmacy programs emphasize research and innovation.
Students undertake research projects, publish scientific papers, and contribute to the development of new drugs, drug delivery systems, formulations, and pharmaceutical technologies.

Licensing and Regulations

Depending on the country and specialization, M. Pharmacy graduates may need to obtain additional certifications or licenses to practice in certain fields or work as clinical pharmacists.
Programs often include training on regulatory requirements and ethical considerations in research and practice.

Global Impact

M. Pharmacy graduates contribute to the global healthcare industry by addressing public health challenges, developing novel therapeutics, improving drug safety and efficacy, and advancing pharmaceutical knowledge through research and innovation.

First Year
Second year
Scope Of Pharmacy
Scope Of Pharmacy
Special features
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